Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Corn Hybrid Performance Report

The 2009 Kentucky Corn Hybrid Performance Report is now available online. You can access the publication at the Variety Testing Website or at the Grain Crops Extension home page site.

There were six locations for the tests this year with early (112 days or less), medium (113 to 117 days) and late (118 days or more) maturity tests. In addition to those tests, white corn hybrids and hybrids for ethanol production were evaluated in separate tests.

 A hybrid that performs well across multiple envrionments has the best chance of performing well next year on your farm. Use the data from the tables with yields averaged across locations. Compare the data from this test with data from local tests and select hybrids that have done well in both.

If you have questions about hybrids in the test, please contact your county extension agent. 

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