Monday, December 15, 2014

Hands On Digital Data Managment Demonstration at Winter Wheat Workshop

Doug Johnson. Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky

Grain Production Colleagues:

You are probably aware that the UK Wheat Science working group will be holding its annual Winter Wheat Workshop on January 6, 2015 at the Christian County Cooperative Extension Office.

(Note: this is a change of location from the original announcement.)

This year a part of the program will include two out-of-state guests, Dr. Brian McCornack and Dr. Wendy Johnson, from Kansas State University. They will be presenting a true workshop, with hands-on activities of interest to not only small grain growers but also corn and soybean growers. After all, many of Kentucky's grain farmers produce two and some, all three of these crops. In any case, at this Wheat workshop, the techniques Brian and Wendy will discuss have application to all our grain crops.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall armyworm Resistant to B.t. Corn found in North Carolina: is your field next?

Doug Johnson, Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky.

  Mr. Cam Kenimer, who runs our corn variety trials, sent me a link to an interesting article “Armyworms develop resistance to Bt corn.” The article which is actually about fall armyworm (FAW) reports that this pest carries a gene that makes it resistant to the B.t. trait Cry1F. This trait