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Hands On Digital Data Managment Demonstration at Winter Wheat Workshop

Doug Johnson. Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky

Grain Production Colleagues:

You are probably aware that the UK Wheat Science working group will be holding its annual Winter Wheat Workshop on January 6, 2015 at the Christian County Cooperative Extension Office.

(Note: this is a change of location from the original announcement.)

This year a part of the program will include two out-of-state guests, Dr. Brian McCornack and Dr. Wendy Johnson, from Kansas State University. They will be presenting a true workshop, with hands-on activities of interest to not only small grain growers but also corn and soybean growers. After all, many of Kentucky's grain farmers produce two and some, all three of these crops. In any case, at this Wheat workshop, the techniques Brian and Wendy will discuss have application to all our grain crops.

Included below is an abstract Brian and Wendy have provided describing this particular workshop. In short, this is about using mobile devices to send, receive and manage field level information that producers need in order to make decisions. I would like to invite you to see, hear, and PARTICIPATE IN this demonstration. I feel this is the beginning of how data and information will be handled in the future.

 Bring your fully charged mobile device with you!

MyFields Workshop Abstract This workshop will be used to discuss the underlying concepts around transforming Extension through digital delivery using the MyFields web-based application. This application is being developed to: 1) facilitate economical and effective IPM systems for agronomic crops, 2) provide stakeholders with an economical and high-resolution environmental and biological monitoring system for predicting pest incidence, estimating economic losses, and providing input-specific and valid action thresholds across multiple cropping systems, 3) link varying diagnostic tools for arthropods, diseases, and weeds that are connected to reporting mechanisms that push management information to the end-user, and 4) provide a novel delivery method (i.e. MyFields) for implementing IPM by pushing management information to stakeholders based on account preferences, field locations, and varietal selections, which insures a multi-directional flow of information across multiple disciplines (i.e., agronomy, entomology, pathology, agricultural economics).

Figure 1. Mobile view of example field site with crop/variety/planting
 within a user Account. this view shows alerts, actions, buttons and      
 information options associated with this field.                                       

In this workshop, learn how Extension is working with growers to leverage push technologies to help you manage your fields and farms (Figure 1). The ‘hands-on’ experience for participants of this workshop is essential for successful adoption of a new technology (i.e. MyFields) by actively demonstrating the benefits over more traditional delivery methods of Extension resources. Figure 1. Mobile view of example field site with crop/variety planting within a user account. This view shows alerts, actions buttons and information options associated with this field.
MyFields Workshop Agenda: 1)The workshop will a 30-min PowerPoint presentation giving a general overview of the project and web-application concept (“push technologies” in general), along with a live demonstration of the site. The remaining time will be used for answering questions and helping participants create accounts and register field sites to use with a hands-on activity with at least two of the tools in the ToolShed.

This will be a hands on event so it is important that everyone bring a fully charged mobile device!

Workshop Location Information
2015 Annual Winter Wheat Workshop
January 6, 2015
Christian Co. Coop. Ext. Office
2850 Pembroke Rd. Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Registration 8:30am CST
Program 9:00am – 3:00pm CST

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