Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wheat Disease Update

Don Hershman, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Kentucky

The FHB situation in west and southern KY is good. Most fields have 1% FHB or less. Occasionally a field will be seen with 5% incidence and rarely one with 10-20% incidence can be found. In any event, it appears as though the FHB predictive models worked very well (again) this season. In terms of other diseases, the rusts are fairly low at this time. Speckled leaf blotch has made its way to the flag leaf in many fields due to the cooler than normal temps. Nodorum blotch is also present in many fields, but the dry weather the last week has not helped its cause. Hits of BYD are present in most fields, but overall the disease is very limited. Overall, it looks like fungicide sprays made at early anthesis, targeting FHB, will do an excellent job of keeping fungal diseases on the flag leaf in check until dry-down begins.

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