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Corn Yield Contest Winners

Chad Lee, Extension Agronomist, University of Kentucky

We all knew that 2013 was a good year for corn in Kentucky. That good year resulted in some great yields in the corn contest. The 2013 Kentucky Yield Contest experienced the highest yield for a non-irrigated entry and the highest yield for an irrigated entry.

Greenwell Acres of Union County had the highest non-irrigated yield at 297.22 bushels per acre. The Schwenke Brothers of Boone County recorded 365.11 bushels per acre, which the highest yield measured in Kentucky for irrigated corn.  The Waller Brothers of Union County had the highest white corn yield, which was 294.22 bushels per acre. This also was the second-highest yield for any non-irrigated corn category.

The state winners are as follows.


Grower/Farm County Brand Hybrid Yield, bu/A
Divisions I and II, Tillage and No-Tillage, non-irrigated
State Champion Greenwell Acres Union Channel 214-13VT2Pro 297.22
2nd Place Rick Castlen / Castlen Bros. Farm* Daviess Pioneer P1602YHR 296.00
3rd Place Billy Doolin Ohio AgriGold A6573VT3Pro 287.22

Division III, White Corn, non-irrigated

State Champion Waller Brothers* Union Pioneer P1431W 294.23
2nd, White John Davis* Union Pioneer 32B16 277.57
3rd, White Neal W. Ballance Warren Pioneer 32B16 275.26

Division IV, Irrigated Corn

State Champion Schwenke Brothers Farm Boone Pioneer P2088AM 365.11
2nd, Irrigated Phillip Meredith Henderson Pioneer P1745 277.61
3rd, Irrigated Lea Meredith Henderson Pioneer P2088HXX 275.64

* No-Tillage

Seven of the nine state winners came from counties along the Ohio River: Union (3), Henderson (2), Daviess (1) and Boone (1). 

District Awards are given for non-irrigated tillage and no-tillage classes. District winners are as follows.


Grower/Farm County Brand Hybrid Yield, bu/A
District 1, Tillage no entry

District 2, Tillage Basham Farms Hopkins DEKALB DKC64-69 256.41
District 3, Tillage Brian Shouse / S & S Shaffer Farms Union DEKALB DKC64-69 284.56
District 4, Tillage Shane Wells / Mockingbird Hill Butler DEKALB DKC65-19 246.39
District 5, Tillage no entry

District 6, Tillage no entry

District 1, No-Tillage no entry

District 2, No-Tilage Simon Swarey Todd Dyna-Gro D54VP81 238.08
District 3, No-Tillage M & D Farms Daviess Pioneer P2088YHR 284.25
District 4, No-Tillage Fresh Start Farms Larue DEKALB DKC65-19VT3RIB 262.91
District 5, No-Tillage Kevin Smith / Dusty Feathers Farms Franklin Wyffels 7886 277.76
District 6, No-Tillage Williams Farms Wayne Pioneer P1745HR 284.22

County Awards are as follows: 
Division County Agent Average Yield, bu/A * No. of Entries
Tillage Union Rankin Powell 287.44 15
No-Tillage Daviess Clint Hardy 281.32 9
White Corn Union Rankin Powell 288.67 10
Irrigated Boone Jerry Brown 328.60 3
* Average of top three yields within a county and division.

A summary of production practices is available.

The 2013 winners will be recognized at the Kentucky Commodity Conference in Bowling Green, Kentucky on January 17, 2014. Pre-registration ends Jan. 10, 2014. Pre-registration can be done online at at or The Commodity Conference schedule is:
  • Registration and Trade Show: 8:30 a.m. CST
  • Luncheon: 11:30 a.m. CST
  • Awards Banquet: 6:30 p.m. CST
  • The registration deadline is January 10, 2014.

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