Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FHB Prediction Tool Upgrade

Don Hershman, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Kentucky

Heads up! The new FHB (Head Scab) forecasting tool has a new feature.You can select the FHB susceptibility level of the variety you have planted.
As you can see below, which susceptibility level you check makes a large difference in the resulting FHB risk map generated. So please use this feature.

If you are not sure what the FHB resistance level is, it is probably ok to select “susceptible” in
most cases; this is the default susceptibility level when the risk map is first accessed. As always, the actual FHB risk is dependent on the wheat stage. For example, wheat has yet to head out anywhere in KY, so the risk is zero no matter what the model says. The maps apply once the wheat is headed out and begins flowering and for approximately 10 days after the onset of flowering.
New models have been deployed this year, so we anticipate even more accurate FHB prediction compared to recent years. Please keep checking the FHB Prediction Center for regular updates to the state risk commentary as well as to look at the current risk map.
The FHB prediction Center website can be accessed at:

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