Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 UK Wheat Field School - EMERGENCY FREEZE EVENT Sessions Available Online

Edwin Ritchey, Extension Soil Specialist, University of Kentucky

Photo credit: Katie Pratt, UK Agricultural Communications

Video footage from the Wheat Field School – EMERGENCY FREEZE EVENT TRAINING is now available online. The training held on Tuesday March 21, 2017 at the UKREC in Princeton was broadcast live and recorded on Zoom. Click on the links below to view recorded sessions.

Emergency Wheat Freeze Damage Training - Introduction - Edwin Ritchey, UK Extension Soil Specialist 

Wheat Freeze Economics 2017 - Greg Halich, UK Extension Ag Economist

Wheat Freeze Meeting - Burndown Options - Jim Martin, UK Extension Weed Science Specialist

Freeze Effects on Aphids and their Parasitoids under the Mild Winter Condition - Raul Villanueva, UK Extension Entomologist 

Fall Nitrogen on Wheat - Lloyd Murdock and John Grove, UK Soil Scientists 

Considerations for Utilizing Frosted Small Grain for Forage - Chris Teutsch, UK Forage Specialist 

Plant Dissection for Freeze Damage - Carrie Knott, Extension Grain Specialist 

Emergency Wheat Freeze Meeting - Question & Answer Session

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