Monday, June 22, 2009

Nutrient Deficiencies

Last week, I posted an image of a corn plant and said that it was possibly deficient in Mn. Dr. John Grove quickly met me with some corn plants with similar symptoms: yellow or chlorosis between the veins and green along the veins. Image of those plants are below.

0 lbs of N/acre
67 lbs of N/acre applied preplant
133 lbs of N/acre applied preplant
200 lbs of N/acre applied preplant
Corn plants from four N rates (0, 67, 133 and 200 lbs/acre, respectively).

In each case, the interveinal chlorosis is N deficiency. The symptoms are much more evident as N rates get lower, but observing this chlorosis does not mean that yields are limited. Even in corn from 200 lbs N/acre, slight interveinal chlorosis is evident.

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