Monday, November 1, 2010

Kentucky Corn Hybrid Trials now Online

Chad Lee, Extension Agronomist, University of Kentucky

The 2010 Kentucky Corn Hybrid trial is now available online at: Print copies will be out in about two weeks.

The 2010 season began with heavy rains in the spring followed by little to no rain during pollination and seed fill. The corn hybrid test normally has six locations across the states. Yields were so low and so variable at one location that only five locations are reported in this test.

The goal of the test is to identify hybrids with very good performance relative to other hybrids and to predict which hybrids will perform well next year. The best predictor of hybrid performance for next year is the cross-location average, where all environments examined are evaluated together.

Hybrids that ranked very well on the cross-location average have the best chance of performing well next season. Hybrids that have performance very well for two years have an even better chance of performing well next season.

Only hybrids in the same maturity test (Early, Medium or Late) should be compared with other hybrids in the same maturity test. Hybrids should not be compared with each other across tests.

For more on the hybrid corn test, contact you local county extension agent.

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