Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wheat FHB Risk Update for KY

Wheat is in the very early flowering stages to flag leaf Extension, depending upon where you are located. Casual observations in west KY indicate that most wheat is still in the process of heading, but will likely begin to flower early next week. We are two to three weeks ahead of where we
normally are for this time of year. The FHB risk is very low except for a very small pocket of moderate risk in extreme southwest KY. Generally we have been warm and dry, but there have been some isolated showers in some areas in recent days. The potential for rain to occur in the form of pop-up thunderstorms is fairly high for today (Wed, April 4) and tomorrow (Thursday, April 5). Then we should have mostly clear weather beginning Friday though most of next week when many fields will be flowering. This bodes well for low FHB risk, but this could change rapidly if conditions decline. Generally, the hot, dry weather has greatly limited foliar disease development in most fields up to this point.

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