Monday, June 11, 2012

Wheat Harvest and the Wheat Yield Contest

Chad Lee, Extension Agronomist, University of Kentucky

Wheat harvest is underway in Kentucky and that means the 2012 Wheat Yield Contest is underway as well. The timing is early, by a couple weeks in some areas of the Commonwealth. That early timing be free up some time to enter the contest. To enter the contest, the field must be in Kentucky. At least 3 acres must be harvested for the contest. That 3 acres must be in one block and preferably with square sides.

Any County Extension Agent is eligible to serve as a judge for the contest. If a County Extension Agent is not available, then another person involved in agriculture (such as an adult ag educator, FFA instructor, NRCS official, etc.) may supervise the yield entry, so long as that person is not a family member and/or involved financially with the contestant.

Overall, the wheat plants are shorter this year. Many farmers are concerned about that. Jim Herbek and I blame the weather. The warmer season encouraged rapid development early, but not plant height. Those shorter heights probably will not affect final yields. The freeze damage in some areas did much more damage. 

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