Friday, April 19, 2013

Keep an Eye Out for Stripe Rust in Wheat

Although there have not been any reports about finding stripe rust in Kentucky wheat, the disease is present in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Last night, a storm system rolled through west Kentucky from south to north, and stripe rust spores likely moved into the state. The cool weather will support infection, since the disease likes cool weather. This situation is not cause for great alarm, primarily because temperatures should warm pretty quicky and this will slow further development. Still, some fields might be at risk and it is, therefore, a good idea to scout your wheat throughout the heading period to discern if a rust-targeted fungicide spray is needed. If you choose not to scout and wait until early flowering to apply a fungicide targeting Head Scab, stripe rust may not be adequately controlled.

This is really just a "heads up"; NOT a call to general action. So far, wheat diseases are pretty minimal in KY.

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