Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sugarcane Aphid Reported in Tennessee

Doug Johnson, Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky @DrDougStinkBugs

Dr.Scott Stewart (@BugStewart) has tweeted the first discovery of sugarcane aphid (SCA) in Tennessee (07/07/15) at the AgriCenter in Memphis. The aphids were found and photographed by Drew Ellis. Numbers are low, but this does indicate that the pest is moving up the Mississippi River valley.

Several of our colleagues to the mid-south have commented on the large number of  lady beetles  & larvae that are feeding on these aphids, helping to keep the pest in check. A single insecticide application will stop all that help. Do not apply until absolutely necessary!

Kentucky producers in counties along the Mississippi River and / or counties contiguous with western Tennessee counties are most likely to see this pest.

SCA was not reported in Kentucky in 2014 but was collected in western Tennessee counties and in counties in the Missouri boot-heel. It is not a foregone conclusion that SCA will reach Kentucky, but it is an important enough pest to keep on your watch list.

Grain Sorghum producers / consultants / scouts, that are Twitter followers are encouraged to follow Dr. Scott Stewart, Univ TN, (@BugStewart) along with Dr. Gus Lorenz, Univ. AR , (@guslor77) and Dr. Angus Catchot, MS. St. Univ. (@acatchot). They will be working to manage this problem in their states before the pest gets to Kentucky; if it gets to Kentucky.


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