Monday, November 28, 2016

Corn Hybrid Trials Online

Chad Lee, Extension Agronomist, University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky corn for grain hybrid trials and corn for silage hybrid trials are online.

The corn for grain trials were planted at seven locations around the state, two of which are irrigated. Hybrids were divided into early, medium, late and white corn tests. The early hybrids were rated to mature by 111 days or earlier. The medium hybrids were rated to mature in 112 to 115 days and the late hybrids were rated to mature at 116 days or later. The report includes yields, test weight, moisture, final stand and lodging. All of these parameters help assess hybrid quality. When possible, yields are averaged across two and three years. The three-year averages across all locations provide the best predictor for hybrid performance next season.

The corn silage hybrid trials were planted at three locations and limited to about 24 hybrids. Hybrids were planted three times at each location and biomass yield was taken for each replication. Composite forage samples were analyzed for plant moisture and forage quality. Yields were averaged across two locations. This is the best predictor for hybrid performance next season.

In both studies, every effort is made to treat each hybrid equally. In the corn hybrid for grain tests, all hybrids, regardless of traits, are grown in the same environment under the same management. The argument for this approach is that we are testing the genetic yield potential of each hybrid and this method allows us to compare across traits. 

If you have questions about either test, or hybrid performance within a test, please contact your county extension agent.

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