Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harvest Information at One Location

Crop harvest is going slow if and when it is going at all. The latest USDA estimates have the Kentucky corn crop at about 70 percent harvested and the soybeans at about 35 percent harvested. As you sip on some coffee, check the markets and wonder what this weather is doing to your crop, be sure to take a look at an excellent compilation of the latest information about the harvest:

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen at Purdue compiled this list and plans to update it as new information becomes available.

If the thought of more rain makes your tempted to drink something stronger than black coffee, then consider getting your mind off of harvest and consider the following websites. Any listing of a website is not an endorsement of that site by the university.

Get your mind away from harvest:
Kentucky Sports (Herald-Leader)
Kentucky Sports (Courier-Journal)
Useless Information (no relation to this website whatsoever)
How Stuff Works what the title wife says it's closer to the previous website
Prairie Home Companion the storytelling, humor and songs are enough to put you into a relaxing mood
google maps (type in a location, take a look at the satellite images and go to the next spot; if you want to download a 3-D program, then try google earth)
bing maps similar to google maps. Sometimes includes pictures in the "bird's eye" view.

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