Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soybean Planting

Jim Herbek, Extension Agronomist, University of Kentucky

A very wet April has prohibited any early soybean planting. Little, if any, soybeans have been planted as of April 25. Wet weather forecast through the end of April indicates soybean planting may not get started until after May 1. Be patient; we still have time to get good yields on soybeans. Recent soybean planting date research in west Kentucky indicates soybean yield losses do not normally occur until after mid-May. So we still have about three weeks to plant soybeans for top yield potential. Soybeans planted after May 15 to 20 has an average yield loss of ½ bu per acre per day, and soybeans planted in early June has an average yield loss of 1 bu/acre/day. Currently, soil temperatures are adequate for planting soybeans, but wet soil conditions are not suitable. Planting into wet soil conditions can result in sidewall compaction, poor emergence, and a reduced soybean stand.

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